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As mentioned previously, no record survives of Mognokum’s chase of Ogdolgan (although later sources have conjectured and provided exciting stories, none are considered canonical). We resume the history with Mognokum struggling with Ogdolgan. Notice as well that the pronoun used to refer to Ogdolgan changes from feminine to masculine to neuter:

Mognokum and Ogdolgan held each other tightly, neither could get the advantage. Mognokum grabbed Ogdolgan by the horns and tossed her into the void. Ogdolgan righted himself and leap forward. It hit Mognokum in the chest, throwing Mognokum off balance. They struggled in the void, breathing heavily. For how long they strugged, neither knew. Their eyes shown with rage. Their muscles were in pain. Neither was willing to ask for rest nor was either willing to give it. Each slashed at the other with their horns. Each shed their essences into the void. Each grew tired.

It was at this moment that both combatants heard a sound echoing from the void. It was voices, singing, and coming closer. This was a new sound to each one’s ears. It was loud and clear. The voices blended in harmony and were strong. Mognokum discovered the sound gave him strength. Ogdolgan knew fear but renewed his efforts to subdue Mognokum.

Out of the void came four forms. One was Galyluma. The other three were those singing. With one fist, they beat their chests, the rhythm echoing through the void. In their other hand, they held long forms with slender tips. The four stopped nearby, lowered their sharp forms toward Ogdolgan, and one of them bellowed:

“This is not your domain. Leave now or we must rid the void of you.”

Ogdolgan stopped, releasing Mognokum. Her eyes narrowed, and it shouted at the one who spoke:

“My domain is all. Who are you?”

Again, the one new form spoke:

“We are the sons of Mognokum and Galyluma, and we will take back our father!”

Ogdolgan stood looking at the three then at Galyluma. Finally, its gaze fell on Mognokum. Mognokum breathed slowly and found the words take shape in his mind:

“We are one. You are alone.”

Ogdolgan clenched her fists and said:

“Now, I am alone. Soon I will return.”

And with those words, Ogdolgan leapt into the void, disappearing in a swirling cloud of the breath of life.

Galyluma came to Mognokum, touching his wounds, his cheek, his lips. She spoke:

“These are your sons. I have fashioned them from the essence you left behind you, trailing into the void. I have gathered that essence and, with my voice, have fashioned these children. Come, meet your father!”

The first form, he that had spoken, stepped forward. Galyluma smiled:

“Behold, this is Broganumon, who has take form from my voice and in whom dwells our speech joined as one. He was third-born. He is eloquent and just.”

The second form stepped forward.

“Behold, this is Morganumon, who has taken form from my voice and in whom dwells our strength joined as one. He was second-born. He is strong and fearless.”

The third form stepped forward.

“Behold, this is Woldanumon, who has taken form from my voice and in whom dwells our minds joined as one. He was first-born. He is wise and far-sighted.”

Each of the sons of Mognokum and Galyluma stood up straight before their parents. Mognokum laughed:

“We are one! We are not alone!”